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Many of us know that the PAMM is a software that is used by the money/fund managers to manage the funds that are allocated for their trading. With the forex industry growing by the day and many more traders and fund managers also rushing in, the need for the PAMM software has only grown.

The PAMM softwares that are available in the market are very closely tied to the platforms on which the trading happens. With the most retail friendly FX trading platforms being MT4 and MT5 (slowly gaining ground), the need for the PAMM software to be compatible to both these platforms is imperative.

Now, while all this concerns the broker and the fund managers, the investors need to worry about a totally different issue. While they need not be bothered about whether the software does work properly or not, they need to be more concerned about how the fund managers perform in their trading and how good and how transparent they are as well.

The word ‘transparency’ is key here. World over, the need for transparency has grown and this is one of the main reasons why blockchain has been gaining ground in recent years. So, the investors need to choose not only those fund managers who have a good performance but also make sure that the fund manager is open and transparent about what he trades and how. Many of the fund managers try to hide their true performance and this leads to a sense a mistrust between the money manager and the investor. It is important that both these sides comes together at a point so that they can begin trusting each other and this would then ensure that the relationship is smooth.

This is why we have given a variety of trading modes for the money manager and the investor so that the fund manager can choose the level of transparency that they want in their PAMM. Our intention has always been to make available as many choices as possible for all the users and to let the managers and the investors choose the level of transparency that they need. This provides them with a lot of flexibility and improves their trust with our PAMM software.

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