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Many of us know that the PAMM is a software that is used by the money/fund managers to manage the funds that are allocated for their trading. With the forex industry growing by the day and many more traders and fund managers also rushing in, the need for the PAMM software has only grown.

The PAMM softwares that are available in the market are very closely tied to the platforms on which the trading happens. …

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The focus of our company has always been to serve our clients to the best of our ability. We believe that our clients are the real boss of our company and we have ensured that each employee in our company is well aware of this. This is why we always try and bend over backwards in trying to fulfill the needs of our clients.

One of our clients, named CyberFutures, approached us and came up with a request for a social trading plugin with a twist. Instead of the investors choosing to join specific traders, they wanted to make this…

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ICOs were a huge fad in the crypto and blockchain world around 1.5 years, but they seem to have lost their mojo of late. This has happened due to a variety of factors which include the fact that many of the ICOs didn’t get to complete their project. Many projects shut down after a few months of progress and it included projects that showed a lot of promise and had hence collected a lot of funds based on that.

This led to a gradual disillusionment among the investors about the various ICOs out there and people were no longer keen…

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Our first project was a great experience. Then the pot game project was a fun experiment. But the FoPark( project is something that we would remember for a long time to come. It helped us gain an entry into the world of Python, the world of financial technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and image processing. Though we had done several projects on Python and finance and trading by that time, we did not utilize the full power of Python till this project came along.

Python is an exceptionally simple language with very large processing power and features that you do not…

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Last week we told you about the very first blockchain development project that we did as a company. That project, like we said, turned out to be the perfect way to break the ice with blockchain. Soon after, before we even realized, we had done quite a few projects for a variety of clients across the world — each more challenging and more interesting than the one before.

One of such more interesting projects is what is called as PlayWinEther. Though the concept behind this looks pretty simple, it is highly innovative and interesting at a variety of levels. …

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One of the first blockchain development projects that we did, as a company, was called TradeBuddy. It was an interesting project which fulfilled a specific need at that time, for crypto traders.

Those who trade FX regularly with the various new platforms that are available, like MT4, would feel claustrophobic when they try to trade at stock and crypto exchanges. This is true especially at crypto exchanges which have started to grow and build on their technology only over the last couple of years.

So, the crypto exchanges lag a lot, compared to the stock exchanges, in terms of technology…

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To understand different kinds of wallets, we need to first understand what are cryptocurrency wallets. A cryptocurrency wallet stores private and public keys which can be used to receive and send cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, among others. As of January 208, there are nearly 1,658 known cryptocurrencies. The need for public and private keys for wallets is simple- every cryptocurrency has a private and public key. The private key makes it possible to digitally sign a transaction and write it in the public ledger.

When it comes to picking a wallet, a user must know exactly…

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To understand what bitcoin cash is, first, we need a basic idea of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is completely decentralized and exists without support of a single bank or any other financial institution. The cryptocurrency can be sent from one peer to another (also known as peer-to-peer) on the bitcoin network without any third person’s involvement. It was introduced by an unknown person/s known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The bitcoin protocol came into existence in January 2008, sometime right after the Wall Street Crash of 2008. Bitcoin transactions can be carried out through cheques, wire transfer or cash. Bitcoin…

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